The axes of control

Some of you may be wondering how to control the airplane during your simulator session. This little tutorial on the axes of control will allow you to understand the airplane a little better.

Although the way to control an aircraft can vary a bit depending on the type of aircraft. All planes are controlled around three axes.

3 axes

The first axis is the pitch axis, it crosses the plane along its length (from nose to tail). This axis is controlled via the elevator (the horizontal part of the tail) which controls the nose of the aircraft up and down. To do this, you have to push or pull the handle.          

                                  030808yoke   tail

Take for example our attitude indicator, on our PFD showing our basic instruments. We can see a small black square which represents the nose of the plane. If we pull in the handle, the nose of the plane like the small square goes upwards and if we push they go down. 


The second axis is the roll axis, it is controlled by the ailerons on our wings and allows us to tilt the aircraft to its left or right. This allows us to change direction during the flight. To do this you have to turn the stick in the desired direction, much like the steering wheel of a car.


Finally, the yaw axis makes it possible to control the nose of the aircraft from left to right, but laterally this time. To do this we need to use our rudder pedals, two pedals located on the ground. The left pedal to move the nose of the aircraft to the left and the right pedal to move the nose of the aircraft to the right.

                       fopedals               Vertical

On the ground, the rudders allow us to control the nose wheel by 7 ° to the left and to the right to allow us to turn on the ground (in the same way as using the rudders in flight. We press the left pedal. to turn left and vice versa.). It is mainly used to stay in the center of the runway during take-off and after the wheels have touched the ground during landing.

For more significant turn angles on our taxiway we must use the steering tiller (a steering wheel located to the left of the captain). By tilting it down the plane will turn left and tilting it up it will turn to the right.


Maybe you got it all or maybe you still have some questions? In any case, do not wait any longer and book your flight now and come and live this unforgettable experience aboard our ultra realistic flight simulator.

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