Add the gift option for free!

As the holidays approach, find out how to personalize your Boarding Pass so that it can be offered to your loved ones.

Before offering the Boarding Pass to the person of your choice as a birthday present or under the Christmas tree, check the option "I would like to offer a gift voucher".

In this way, you can easily and free of charge add the first and last names of the person to whom you will give this original gift. In addition you can add a personalized comment: "Merry Christmas", "Excellent birthday", "Happy retirement" etc. 

Be careful if you do not tick the box, the Boarding Pass will be in your name!

Also choose the option "Boarding Pass mailing" to receive by post a magnificent and authentic flight ticket, always with the name, first name and personalized comments, ideal as a gift (see image below)!

Order your pack now "Fly For Fun".

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