A nice visit to EFS

An original and pleasant day at European Flight Simulator with the visit of a distinguished guest!

Indeed, this Tuesday July 23, we had the pleasure of receiving Guillermo Guiz in our center. As part of RTBF's "My Favorite Dish" TV show, the Belgian comedian and columnist came to visit us to reduce his fear of flying. Supported by members of the Airplane Fear Treatment Center, Guillermo was able to discover how an airliner works thanks to our simulator and thus soften his fear.

Relive his experience on 10/08 at 18 p.m. or 30/11 at 08 p.m. on the RTBF.

An experience that he will not soon forget and which made him delighted!

Are you also curious about what's going on in a cockpit? Or you are not reassured at the idea of ​​taking the plane? 

So come see us! Come and take control of an airliner yourself and discover the different aspects of piloting!

Will you be a good pilot? 

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