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Discover the impressions of those who have gone to EFS

Discover the impressions of those who have gone to EFS

17.08.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX Julien Thirifays: Flight experience. I had the opportunity to fly with Julien on the EFS simulator. A great experience! Friendly welcome and support, personalized introduction based on the knowledge of the "pilot" for a day, great! The simulator is of high quality, you get used to the game very quickly. In short, an experience that I recommend without hesitation.

10.08.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX Gérard Guala: Nickel. What a good time spent with Julien in this great simulator .... Thank you to him for his availability, his kindness and his professionalism. To advice

10.08.2017/16/XNUMX Vanessa Espeel: great! Gift gekregen voor de zoon zijn XNUMXde verjaardag. Super toffe ervaring met een prima begeleiding. Een aanrader!

09.08.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX Christian Denys: A beautiful flight. Thank you to Julien for these two beautiful flights at the control of this machine which really impressed me .... Experience to be repeated ....

07.08.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX Calin Negulescu: First time appointement Super realistic, profi instructor (Tanguy), friendly atmosfere, looking forward to scheduling a new appointment! Thank you for a such a great time!

01.08.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX Claude Stylen: Perfect simulation We had a wonderful morning in the simulator. Everything was perfect from the welcome to the briefing and all the time spent in the simulator. Thank you again to our co-pilot of the day for all the information he provided us. We will be back for sure.

29.07.2017 Baby Tournay: My dream. And now, since I was waiting, my dream has come true: to take the controls of an airliner. Great afternoon with the European Flight Simulator team, in Gosselies, see their site; they are very caring and friendly. We took our Boeing 737 from Sion to Geneva, Corsica, Hong-Kong and between Liège and Charleroi ... mashed up the flight hours ....;);).

27.07.2017/8/XNUMX Tsiky Ralisoa: Aaron was in heaven. Impeccable welcome, clear explanation even for an XNUMX year old child! Exceptional experience. Excellent, very didactic.

27.07.2017 Tinant Philippe: Flight Simulator. Very nice experience to recommend to aeronautic enthusiasts.

27.07.2017 Jean-Noé Dehon: Flight Similator _ first experience: 24-07-2016 An extraordinary experience: holder of a private pilot's license, I discovered thanks to this Boeing 737-NG simulator; the pleasure of "being in command" of an aircraft fundamentally different from those used in small aviation - in terms of its mass, its aerodynamic behavior. . . and the helpfulness of the “Flight Director” - while rediscovering the emotion of the first hours of “double-handed” flight on “Cessna 150”. The competence, the patience, the serenity of my instructor: Nicolas, his qualities as a teacher, obliterated the feeling of technological complexity of a "737" cockpit. Benefiting from a friendly briefing adapted to the level of the next promoted “captain”, with the help, the benevolent attention and all the kindness of an outstanding “First Officer-Instructor”, these 30 minutes spent in the simulator were a real treat. Highly recommended for "air freaks". . . and a great gift from my children. Jean-Noah

24.07.2017/30/XNUMX Lise Prevot: Simulation vol. My companion received a voucher for a XNUMX minute video briefing and simulation and I have to say he was not disappointed. It's impressive we believe it. I, who was in the back, hung on the wall when he tilted the plane too much while the simulator was fixed. In addition, the welcome is great. The instructor was very clear in his explanations and super nice. A big thank-you. I highly recommend it to everyone. Passionate or not, it's worth it.

24.07.2017 Willy Lotte: my visit to a fligth simulator. Hello. I advise everyone to experience what I had on July 23 at the controls of the Boeing. Really instructive to see the progress made over 100 years in aviation. I thank the instructors for their skills. Monkfish willy

23.07.2017 Fredy February: Simulator. Very interesting activity, pleasant staff, good scenario. To recommend.

23.07.2017 Jean Vancompernolle: the best gift !!! It was my dream! steal ! Like St EX ... Mermoz! or Jacques Brel with Madly, from island to island! I did it thanks to EF Simulator !!! 30 min of Briefing more than interesting and here I am with my two passengers in the cockpit of a 737! Tanguy is seated to my right (fortunately) He's a real teacher full of creativity and humor! I take off from Nice dir Cap d'Antibe (which I did 100 x as a "frequent flyer") I am still moved by it, just to tell! My dream comes true! Thank you "Papa Tanguy" Thank you Julien! your idea is Brilliant! it was the best birthday present of my life!

23.07.2017 Pascal Ganino: Top flight simulator. Very warm welcome, super interesting and very clear little presentation for ordinary people. The flight simulator is really very nice and very well done, very nice to dream that you are piloted for a few takeoffs.

20.07.2017/8/737 Steve Tudor: My Rookie Flight. What a fantastic experience! My instructor, Clement was both knowledgeable and patient. After a short and interesting briefing we flew into some challenging airports and with Clements help and guidance I was able to land at them all safely! There was even time for my XNUMX year old son to have a try and make his first take off in a BXNUMX !!

14.07.2017/2/XNUMX Hyacinthe Louloúdia: XNUMX-hour adventure flight pack (Father's Day gift). My man Christos loved his surprise. Great welcome, atmosphere, great explanation and great instructor. Thank you very much and see you soon.

10.07.2017 Alain Maes: Flight for Fun Simulator Experience - International. Superb afternoon which fulfilled all its promises and which fulfilled me. As I wanted to become an airline pilot when I was young, I was finally able to taste the joys of piloting in total immersion and that only rekindled the flame. Friendly team that takes care of you and explains things well. An instructor that we and my guests had a great time with. Thank you, thank you and thank you again, Clément. And also a big thank you to my lovely wife, daughter and friends for giving me this wonderful birthday present. See you soon. (I still have 4 credit hours :-D

10.07.2017 Sivaji Chockalingam: EFSIMULATOR EXPERIENCE Amazing experience of flying Boeing 737, crisp briefing on basics, excellent and adequate instructions in the cockpit to enjoy the ambiance, on and above knowledgeable co-pilot to answer patiently all your queries. I recommend everybody to have first hand experience of flying and promise you won't regret.

07.07.2017 Christian Peeters: It was great, two flights in one hour accompanied by aviation professionals, I loved it and to do it again very quickly I advise everyone to go there to better understand how an aircraft works, understanding noises and strict procedures, flying remains one of our first desires on earth, so fly-vo28.08.2016 Catherine Martin: One hour in a flight simulator !! Very warm welcome from the staff. Briefing: Simple, well-detailed explanations on the different parts of the aircraft and their functions. Simulator: Impressive cockpit in view of all the instruments. Takeoff, flight, landing could not be more realistic. Dubai airport: before landing, fly over the island of Palm trees ... it feels like it. All with a patient monitor that explains the different phases of the flight very well. Conclusion: AWESOME .. to advise. For my part, I will do it again. Thanks again to my instructor Julien and see you next time.

07.07.2017 Thomas Dernicourt: Great experience. Very interesting briefing on the operation of an airplane and on-board instruments. We feel the passion for aviation and we do not remain passive since it made me participate by asking several questions throughout the brief. After that we go to theft. It is at this moment that we notice all the technicality necessary to pilot an airplane. I flew between Zaventem and Charleroi followed by takeoff and landing in Barcelona. When the session drew to a close, I only wanted to start over. I am even considering taking the private pilot license. If I just have a tip: Videos look best when shot from behind and not in profile. Go ahead and go for it. They are super nice and the experience is worth it for a magical moment and be the pilot of your plane !!! a possible dream. Thanks to the EFS team.

04.07.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX Frédérique Lachapelle: International flight. My dad got this gift for his birthday and he loved the experience! A very warm welcome. The instructor very friendly, attentive and ready to answer all his questions. Recommended for aeronautics enthusiasts :-)

30.06.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX Christine Gerards: Rookie test Thank you for this moment! Téo, having already a little experience, appreciated to see another side of aviation more concrete for his future projects. Thank you for taking into account his already acquired knowledge and for giving ... a little extra;)

27.06.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX Nico Gysemberg: Testimony. I came to do this experience because I had a lot of fears in the plane and I therefore wanted to understand a little better about this mode of transport. And I can tell you that this is a great start to the cure! A very warm welcome, followed by a very good briefing where we answer all your questions and where we learn a lot about aeronautics. Then it's time for the simulator and that's the big surprise! Both realism is at its height. Everything is explained to you in great detail. And believe me, it's super reassuring to finally understand this way of working. In short, I strongly advise you! Another big thank you. I can finally take the plane with more peace of mind! Goodbye

22.06.2017 Denis Yves: bongo flight. Awesome ! this is the second time, crush both times but I will go back.

20.06.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX Bernard Deroy: Adventure Pack. This moment of escape was given to me on the occasion of my birthday and I will keep great memories of it, I who dreamed of being a pilot since I was very young. What a feeling to be at the controls of a big plane, to make it take off and to land it! Thank you to the competent and super nice instructor and co-pilot for "supporting" me so well. Ready for another trip anyway. Bernard

11.06.2017 Erwin De Vos: great experience, very well received, free to do whatever I wanted.

09.06.2017/08/06 André Maniquet: Assessment of the flight of 2016/XNUMX/XNUMX: Magnificent experience. We had an exceptional time. The instructor is very friendly knowledgeable and pedagogue. The briefing, very interesting and the flight is breathtakingly realistic. To redo !!!!

06.06.2017 Barbara Cedric Carlier: First experience. Excellent welcome, superb simulator, very good instructor, ... In short, we will be back !!

30.05.2017/120/XNUMX Happy Dance: Een prettige ervaring voor iedereen. Het is zeker niet de eerste en evenmin de laatste keer dat mijn vrienden en ikzelf de simulator zullen bemannen onder de professionele begeleiding van het EFS team. De piloten zijn vriendelijk, staan ​​open voor alle vragen en trachten aan alle wensen te voldoen, In functie van de mogelijkheden en de vlieg ervaring van de klanten. Bedankt, het kan niet beter, XNUMX% geslaagd. Tot weerziens Roland Van Caelenberg

30.05.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX Jerome Coppin: Excellent welcome and service. No complaints. Difficult to improve the quality of service which for me is already perfect. Superb experience and great memories in my head. The staff are surprisingly kind! strongly recommended.

21.05.2017 12:15 Claude Dammaerts: essential. This simulator session is informative, exciting and very entertaining. We are very close to reality, even if the simulator parameters allow a few small imperfections for the beginner without crashing. We are received by a team as friendly as professional, who adapt well to the level of the candidate pilot. I had opted for a 1h30 flight which allowed me in addition to a first flight between CRL and BRU, to choose a takeoff, approach and landing on a destination of my choice, making the instructor discover the idyllic landscapes of Phuket (HKT) and its many islands. To do at least once in your life. The film of the flight on a USB key is an essential choice, a judiciously placed camera gives an ideal angle of view. The only downside to the experience: we come out with a desire to come back ...

19.05.2017 Cousin Pierre: EFS - Thomas birthday present. Remarkable event on many points: warm welcome, quality supervision, technical explanations adapted to ordinary people ... An unforgettable experience!

16.05.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX Gilles Marionex Rookie:! Messages received, approach approved! A great Mike Echo Romeo Charlie India ...

15.05.2017 Sebastien Tremouroux Simulator: Mille Thank you for your welcome and professionalism. It is a pleasure to share this simulator session with people who pass on their passion with such enthusiasm ...!

14.05.2017/2/30 Ronjit Calgaro: unforgettable XNUMX:XNUMX hours !!! I offered for my daddy's birthday, an international pack. He wasn't expecting it. It was a nice surprise. He enjoyed driving and told me that the staff there were super friendly and very kind. He cannot believe the realism of the simulator (at the slightest gesture, the plane moves) and the landscape. For a gift or an original activity out of the ordinary, I recommend this activity. You will be pleasantly surprised!

13.05.2017/1/XNUMX Virginie Tielemans Briosi: simulation with XNUMX hour flight. Thank you for this great experience, my son was delighted, you really took the time to explain things, we will be back with pleasure

12.05.2017 wonderful Hello! I was very happy to have been able to participate in this experience! In addition the welcome was very nice as well as my instructor. I was immediately at ease until the moment of taking the orders! You will agree, it is not in half an hour. briefing that we can assimilate the "whole". (At least me) But "my" co-pilot was very kind and had a lot of patience and tact. He corrected my innumerable errors with humor that I I really appreciate it. Thank you Tanguy, you do a wonderful job, really! I hope to see you again one day. Big thanks!

05.05.2017 Danielle Govaerts: A high-flying experience! Nice gift idea for one of these wonderful crazy flying on their funny machine (a glider) passionate about everything near or far in the field of aeronautics. Thanks to Julien for the quality of the welcome, the briefing conducted with a certain sense of pedagogy, and above all, the 2 hours spent in the simulator taking off and then landing under his leadership. To fly over Corsica, to land in Madeira, a very beautiful trip that we warmly recommend!

01.05.2017 Julie Dupont: "Boeing 737" flight simulator A marvelous experience to be had absolutely, it is more true than true. It feels like the controls of a real plane. Adrenaline junkies, go for it .. Plus the staff are SUPER friendly. Thanks for this great time.

28.04.2017/737/XNUMX Axelle Lourdon: Excellent! Very nice atmosphere. Welcoming and dynamic staff. Very good presentation of the BOEING XNUMX. Very realistic simulator. A must for aviation enthusiasts !! In short, we had a great afternoon! Thank you

27.04.2017 Jordan Matz Superb experience: Very nice afternoon in the company of Mr. Warny who was able to teach me even more things about the world of aviation and piloting. I took the 2 hour pack which went at a crazy speed. I will definitely book another flight!

25.04.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX Pierre Herreman First experience: a superb experience. I recommend it to everyone, we learn a lot. the instructor (or your pilot) is super nice

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