CODECO of 21/01/22 - Resumption of flights from Friday 28/01, the Covid Safe Ticket is not required and wearing a mask is compulsory from the age of 6.

Here are the measures imposed by the ministerial decree of June 4, 2021 which have been implemented since June 9 in our establishment:
"JUNE 4, 2021. - Ministerial decree amending the ministerial decree of October 28, 2020 on emergency measures to limit the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus."

"Art. 7. Article 8 of the same decree is replaced by the following:

“Art. 8. § 1. In establishments in the cultural, festive, sporting, recreational and events sectors, the following minimum rules must be respected, without prejudice to the applicable protocols:

1 ° the operator or organizer informs visitors, members of staff and third parties in good time and in a clearly visible manner of the preventive measures in force;

2 ° a distance of 1,5 meters is guaranteed between each group referred to in paragraph 2;

3 ° covering the mouth and nose with a mask is compulsory in spaces accessible to the public in the company or association and if the rules of social distancing cannot be respected due to the nature of the activity carried out d other means of personal protection are also strongly recommended, without prejudice to Article 25;

4 ° the establishment is organized in such a way that gatherings are avoided and that the rules of social distancing can be respected, also with regard to people waiting outside the establishment;

5 ° the public spaces, including the terraces in the public space, are organized in accordance with the prescriptions issued by the local authorities;

6 ° the operator or organizer provides staff and customers with the products necessary for hand hygiene;

7 ° the operator or organizer takes the necessary hygiene measures to regularly disinfect the establishment and the equipment used;

8 ° the operator or organizer ensures good ventilation;

9 ° the opening hours are limited from 5:00 a.m. to 23:30 p.m.

Visitors can be accommodated in groups of up to four people, children up to the age of 12 not included, unless this is not possible due to the nature of the activity.

Groups of more than four people are allowed as long as they belong to the same household. "


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