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With the right material, everything becomes real ...

Have you always loved the world of aviation? When you were a child, was your biggest dream to become a pilot? Then you have come to the right place! European Flight Simulator (EFS) can finally satisfy your thirst for aeronautics! Buckle up, because takeoff is approaching!

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Who are we ?

European Flight Simulator is the one and only flight simulation company to offer you its services in Wallonia.

A few years ago, its two founders, Tanguy Warny and Julien Meertens, set out to open the doors of the world of aviation to the general public. In fact, previously, the various flight simulators that existed were reserved for professionals. Through their many years of experience as a pilot, Tanguy Warny and Julien Meertens understood that the world of aviation made young and old dreams come true and that it was important to allow everyone to be able to feel what is going on. an airline pilot. In addition, as a pilot, it is essential to keep your skills up to date, which can come at a certain cost. A complete training to become a pilot costs tens of thousands of euros. This makes it difficult for young pilots to maintain their skill level when their training is completed. European Flight Simulator aims to give them access to a professional quality simulator at a reduced cost.

EFS has surrounded itself with a team of enthusiastic pilots, passionate about their profession and eager to share with you their experience and their passion for aviation.

Our wide range of offers includes:

Our wide range of offers includes:

  • Flights on an ultra realistic Boeing 737 NG simulator,
  • Our Fly for Fun flights for the general public and the uninitiated,
  • Training reserved for IFR, MCC, ACPP, ME, ATPL pilots,
  • Internships to overcome your fear of flying,
  • Incentives (from team building, to product launch to private events),

European Flight Simulator is also:

European Flight Simulator is also:

  • A Briefing room,
  • A reception area,
  • A meeting room equipped with a projector,
  • A lounge area for your events,
  • A large free and easy-to-access car park,

Our center, easily accessible from anywhere in Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France, is located near Charleroi Brussels South airport and is very well served by the road network.

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