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Team Building

Achieve and even exceed your goals with the help of European Flight Simulator!

  • Are you looking for a Team Building activity to boost team spirit within your company? Thanks to us, it is possible!
  • Indeed, by putting your team in the same conditions as an airline pilot, a co-pilot or a member of the crew, everyone will have to surpass themselves for the flight to be a success. Communication, mutual aid and listening are the key words for a successful flight.
  • Air Traffic Controller (ATC) Briefing
    Pilot Briefing

team building incentive flight simulator

Also discover the teamwork that exists between the commander and the control tower thanks to our activity which is specially dedicated to it! An ATC Briefing will be organized before the activity so that you and your team can familiarize yourself with the phraseology used in the control tower (clear for take-off, clear for landing, report, etc.). Then it's your turn to play!

You will immediately find yourself in the heart of the matter. Discover the communication between the cockpit and the control tower in order to manage a problem on board. Decision-making, discussions to find the best solutions, team challenge… Total immersion!

You will find yourself, for example, faced with a delicate situation:

  • Beginning of the flight. The control tower gives you the authorization to take off, assigns you headings and altitudes. You take off without a hitch, everything is going perfectly.
  • Suddenly a passenger has a heart attack! How to react ? What to do ? Should we panic or call the control tower?
  • Call to the control tower. Can we find a way to get him to hospital as soon as possible? We must act together to save this passenger!
  • We have to find a solution that matches the characteristics of our aircraft. The control tower must offer us an airport with a sufficient runway length. Do we have enough fuel to reach this place? Is there medical assistance available on site?
  • Do you want to know the outcome of the story? So come and discover our Team Building activities!

Brief your team, work together and increase your turnover!

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