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Anti-stress course - No stress Just fly

In order to rationalize and even overcome your fear of flying, European Flight Simulator offers you anti-stress courses which are organized in collaboration with a team of psychotherapists and pilots.

Let’s let go of our fears and together, let’s take off! Do you prefer to drive a day by car rather than take the plane? Are you limiting your holidays to border countries? Did you have an unpleasant experience on a previous flight? Does the idea of ​​flying out seem overwhelming and give you a cold sweat?

Then the “No stress, Just fly” course is for you! 

This internship was developed to follow the recommendations of the research and be as effective as possible. It is aimed at all people for whom it is difficult to fly.

From a simple fear to a well-established phobia, you will discover:

  • How is a fear, an anxiety, an anguish, a panic attack, a phobia constructed physiologically;
  • How it manifests in you;
  • How to put in place a winning strategy;
  • Tools to learn how to manage them.

This first part of the course is led by Noël Schepers clinical psychologist, behavioral psychotherapist and practitioner trainer in cybertherapy. By using, among other things, virtual reality (C2CARE environments), you will approach airplane flights with new skills.

After understanding the origin and the mechanisms of your fears and anxieties, it's time for the second part of the course led by Jonathan Capeta. Professional pilot working for a Belgian airline (and emergency nurse in another life), he will make you discover how an airplane works, so that it has no more secrets for you.

From theory to practice, there are only three steps… To end this day, you will have the opportunity to take the controls of a Boeing 737-800 simulator (Ryanair, TUI) in order to be able to situation and put into practice the topics discussed during the day.

And because we don't let you down, you will be in contact with one of our professional pilots the day before your trip so that you can take stock of your upcoming flight, your impressions and any questions.

The courses take place over one day, from 09.00 to 18.00. In order to guarantee optimal care, groups are limited to 8 people. A lunch is provided at the stopover.

How the day went :

  • In the morning (3 hours):

    • Welcome and presentation tour.
    • Physiological approach to general and specific stresses in the world of aviation such as fear of crowds, confined spaces, altitude.
    • Discovery of the warning signs of your fears to be able to stop them as soon as possible, in an approach "to know yourself better to manage yourself better".
    • Learning different tools that allow you to cut and control your fears. Everyone will thus find the most suitable tool for their mode of operation.
  • Lunch at noon.

  • Afternoon (4 hours):

    • Welcome and presentation tour.
    • Overview of an airliner, preparation for a flight, the human body at altitude.
    • 15 'individual simulator session.

The price of the course and its follow-up is 380 euros including tax for individuals.

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The next internships will take place:

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  • June 29 from 9:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m.

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