Consumer packs

A virtual flight, real sensations, a sensational experience at exceptional prices! Have you always dreamed of becoming a pilot? Always wanted to know what went on behind the cockpit doors?

Then our FLY FOR FUN offers are made for you! Don't wait any longer and take control of a Boeing 737 simulator! The ultra-realistic flight simulator of European Flight Simulator is the opportunity for everyone to live a unique, original and sensational experience


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Consumer packs

Price: 119,00€
VAT: 20,65€
Price / Kg:
Total duration

Fly for fun - Rookie

30 mins + 30 min

Take-offs and landings from the most beautiful ...

Price: 179,00€
VAT: 31,07€
Price / Kg:
Total duration
1.30 p.m

Fly for fun - Discovery

30 mins + 60 min

A short flight between two airports followed by an approach over ...

Price: 229,00€
VAT: 39,74€
Price / Kg:
Total duration

Fly for fun - Adventure

30 mins + 90 min

Departure on the track. Navigate to your destination and ...

Price: 299,00€
VAT: 51,89€
Price / Kg:
Total duration
2.30 p.m

Fly for fun - International

30 mins + 120 min

A flight from the boarding gate to the destination. The ...

Price: 556,00€
VAT: 96,50€
Price / Kg:
Total duration

Fly for fun - Pack 4 hours

240 min

For people who want to come and fly several times, ...

Price: 1032,00€
VAT: 179,11€
Price / Kg:
Total duration

Fly for fun - Pack 8 hours

480 min

For people who want to come and fly several times, ...

Price: 25,00€
VAT: 1,42€
Price / Kg:
Total duration
+1 year


Extension of the validity of your pack + 1 year from ...

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