Fear of flying


The course " Ready for takeoff " offered by European Flight Simulator in partnership together with the Fear of flight treatment center (CTPA) was developed over several years after recommendations of analyses about fear of flight and achieved maximum efficiency in the meanwhile.

It was created in 2007 by Doctor Negovanska who holds a degree in psychology and neuroscience. Dr. Negovasnka is trained in behavioral and cognitive therapies and has a strong experience in the treatment of phobias and manamgement of anxiety in clinics.

Having tested and compared and taking in charge, (flight simulator or with real flight, presence with and without aviation training, individual or group training, on a day or several weeks, using relaxation therapy or cardiac coherence ...), the course as it exists today was established with one main goal: maximum efficiency.

The effectiveness of the training program was validated by a clinical study conducted in partnership with the Paris Descartes University that examined 157 people who attended the course.

On average , anxiety trainees pass over 9/10, Only 3.7 / 10 are still affected by fear of flight after the attendance of the program.

The course is available at 7 locations all over Europe. European Flight Simulator flight simulator is the only one available in Belgium.
The Belgian team now has two psychologists and 5 pilots with courses available in French, English and Dutch.

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