Flying Club

You are an aviation enthusiast, you like flight simulation, or simply are looking for new experiences: Join the European Flight Simulator Flying Club.

Registration allows you to rent the simulator at unbeatable rates (You will get rates normally applied to professional pilots).

At your request, our instructors can also conduct a customized monitoring allowing you to improve your knowledge of the 737 ( Aircraft startup, Flight Management Computer operation, autopilot operation, etc.), but also your aeronautical knowledge in general.

One year Flying Club
membership includes (449 euros):

  • One flight hour in simulator.
  • A 3 parts poster with a detailed representation of the instruments (mock up).
  • A pilot shirt with the European Fligh Simulator logo.

As a member, you get a special price

  • You are entitled to the "pilot" rates, normally reserved for people who hold a valid ATPL. The costs for an hour of flight are reduced to 99 euros instead of 179 euros. You save up to 80 euros an hour.
  • One Thursday each month, there are courses offered in the field of aviation who are more technically detailled. Subjects like, Navigation, aerodynamics, systems of the B737, flight crew and use of FMC, This will allow you to improve your knowledge and meet other other aviation enthusiasts in a fair atmosphere.

    The first course of the year 2016 will be planned by March, Club members will be notified by mail of the date and the subjects given of the course.
Please note that registration is personal, However, you have the right to be accompanied by one person max.
The flying club membership is valid for one year and is renewable under the same condition.

How to apply

  • Select the "flying club" tab on our website. You will receive an e-mail to acces the available courses offered by EFS.
  • Call us to book your reservation with the requested date and time of flight.
  • During yours first visit you will receive a personal pilot shirt and a 3 parts poster of the 737 cockpit instrument panel.

Contact us by phone +32071356117 or by e-mail info@efsimulator for more information.

EFS is also associated with ivao, well known virtual pilots and offers them exclusive discount for its members.

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